Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guy 163 McQueen Really Won

Today I Kinda Chilled out. Emo, soft pop. Also included my fav band, Hollow Horse. The lead singer of Hollow Horse is Kenny Little and he is a fellow art teacher in Scotland. Enjoy these new INDIE tracks. Hear here first on Guy In A Tie Podcast. No more Schools N Session until school starts again. Take the time to listen and send me an email or post to
Enjoy. Yep, I am a Guy in A Tie... Email
sharing music, love of life, teaching and working w/ my students.
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Tracks for this 'cast, check 'em out, email the bands that you heard them on Guy In A Tie podcast or purchase your fav's.......
Broke City - A Life You Won't Miss.
Hollow Horse - Halfway There.
Stay - Move Jamie Move.
Jackopierce - Summer's Gone.
Paul Freeman - You and I.
Making April - Roses and Butterfly's.

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