Friday, June 26, 2009

Guy 162 Human Body Systems Rules

Just spent two amazing weeks in Indianapolis at IUPUI med school campus. Last year I learned new Biomedical techniques, technology and topics this year I tackled Human Body Systems NOT as an Anatomy and Physiology course but as a Doctor as an Engineer. This is the coolest stuff I have ever done, and I have done a lot. School is out for the summer. No tie for me, just a lab coat as I work on my Health & Medicine Magnet curriculum. You are gonna love 11th grade!!! Enjoy these new INDIE tracks. Hear here first on Guy In A Tie Podcast. No more Schools N Session until school starts again. Take the time to listen and send me an email or post to
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sharing music, love of life, teaching and working w/ my students.
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Bayside - No One Understands.
Eye Alaska - Walk like a Gentleman.
Underwhelmed - Angel.
Stellastarr - Freak Out.
Spy for hire - We Both Well Know, also called Money.
Every Avenue - A Story To Tell Your Friends.

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