Friday, January 2, 2009

Guy 146 Five Gold Stars Show 2008

End of the 2008 year special. Listeners Choice!
Five Gold Stars Award Show. 3rd Annual!!!
I give out 5 Gold stars to my students and also the top bands as voted by you, my listeners. Enjoy and post comments.
Yep, I am a Guy in A Tie... Email
sharing music, love of life, teaching and working w/ my students.
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Tracks for this 'cast, check 'em out, email the bands that you heard them on Guy In A Tie podcast or purchase your fav's.........
All Time Low - Umbrella.
We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet.
Sleeperstar - Disengage.
Drive By Argument - Left Left.
Carlos Bertonatti - Its So Easy.
Five AM - Be Still.
Crash Moderns - Were Did All The Scence Girls Go?


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