Friday, June 8, 2007

SPS 1 Our First 'Cast! Forsythe connection

Welcome to our FIRST show. We are SkylinePodcasters and this is our show. We are at Forsythe but soon we will be at our new school. Hey Clague, you guys are next. If it isn't a Skyline Podshow then its not a PodShow. Enjoy our chat, music and our Clicker challange. All our music is "podsafe." Send us some email, our teacher is ... Email. or post a comment to our blog.

Corrina.. the original.
Chelsea.. the talker.
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Tracks featured in our podcast...................
Fall Out Boy -- Where is Your Boy Tonight?
Rookie Of The Year - Poison Like Your Own.
My Little Radio - Beginning of the End.
The Veronicas - Everything I'm Not.


Guy In A Tie said...

Awesome First Podcast of Skyline.

5 Gold Stars!!

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